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ANI-ON LIVE! is a new, dynamic rock group based in the musical powerhouse of Boston, MA! As the name suggests, the group has been formed under three concepts: ANIme, ONgaku (music in Japanese) and a LIVE! rock show. The group consists of some of the most powerful and captivating Japanese musicians who not only display worldclass musicianship, but also have a passionate love of anime!

ANI-ON LIVE! successfully debuted this year at Anime Milwaukee 2014, followed by two exciting shows at Anime Expo 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Lead by their fearless producer Shota, ANI-ON LIVE! consists of six musicians: two charismatic singers (Lu-kun and Maho-chan), two shredding guitarists (Shota and Mah-kun), an eccentric bassist (Ochoa-san), and an electrifying drummer (Tah-kun)! ANI-ON LIVE! musicians are united to bring intoxicating Anime music to live shows! Calling the genre Ani-Rock (Anime Rock), ANI-ON LIVE! captivates audiences with their own rock arrangements of the most beloved and prominent Anime songs of all time, including “old-school” classics to the more current and cutting-edge series of today!


The ANI-Rock redemption of the most fan-loved songs of all time from the following popular anime series will rock you guys out and bring you to ANI-Rock heaven!

・Dragonball Z
・Full Metal Alchemist
・One Piece
・Attack on Titan
・Mobile Suit Gundam Series
・The Knights of Zodiac
・Neon Genesis Evangelion
・Madoka Magica
・Haruhi Suzumiya
・Sousei no Aquarion

・Hatsune Miku …and more!


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